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We provide news, intelligence and interaction opportunities for professionals in dedicated markets.

About ASD Media BV

ASD Media is an online media company with a market research department (Market Forecast) and two b2b portal websites.ASDReports (.com) offers market intelligence reports of over 250 specialized market research companies globally and ASDEvents (.com) sells tickets of b2b conferences for approximately 50 event organizers. Both services cover ten markets, from Aerospace to Life Sciences and Telecom.

Market Forecast is specialized in b2b market intelligence studies for the Aerospace, Defense and Space market. Our market research studies display opportunities to expand in existing markets or to develop new markets and support you in developing your market strategy. We provide valuable market intelligence to governments and industries around the world and are proud to have built up a good relationship with an extensive list of Fortune 500 companies and other market leaders in their fields of technology.

ASD Media’s roots are in the Aerospace and Defense markets. In 2001 we started with the Aerospace and Defense Network ( The website had a network/portal function and contained news, source (company) data, and later on also events and reports information related to these markets. The company is founded by Jol Hoeve, Hans Dijkstra, and Stefan Koopman.

Our Services


Syndicated market research reports from over 250 research companies world wide.


0ver 300 b2b conferences and trainings for professionals in 10 markets

Market Forecast

Market intelligence studies in Aerospace, Space and Defense

Our Management

Jol Hoeve

Jol Hoeve

Chief Executive Officer
Hans Dijkstra

Hans Dijkstra

Chief Information Technology Officer

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ASD Media is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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